Breathe-Move-Connect: Introductory Workshop (1st of 3)

Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 11 AM – 2 PM

Studio Pranayama Downtown

Hosted by Gerasimos Gyrokinesis Trainer


We are happy to announce that our Studio Pranayama Downtown (Hatziloizi Mihailidi 12 in Limassol) will host a series of workshops (3 in total) offered by Gerasimos Stroggilakos on the following dates: 16/11, 23/11 and 7/12/19. In these workshops we will be able to experience the exciting GYROKINESIS® method and the specialized breathing techniques of Breathing Awakening.

The purpose of these workshops is to create better contact with our body and energy, to activate parts of our inner potential that remain inactive, to develop a deeper connection to our source and to raise our vibrational energy.


The 1st INTRODUCTORY workshop on Saturday 16/11/19 at 11:00-14:00, comprises of two sessions, of which the first is FREE and open to all:

• 1st FREE Session (11:00-11:45)
An introductory talk by Gerasimos on the Gyrokinesis method and Breathing Awakening techniques, what they are, how they work, and what are their benefits according to both scientific research and his personal experience. This is a FREE introduction!
• 2nd Session (12:00-14:00)
In this 2nd session Gerasimos will guide us through a harmonious synchronization of breath and movement, to experience inner balance and a glimpse of self-healing results. He will lead us into a Gyrokinesis session, where we will follow an exciting sequence of exercises on stools that will help us to work with our energy channels. We will concentrate on spinal motion (arches, bends, spirals, waves and circles) while engaging all parts of the body, to experience the flow of energy through a journey of dance-like movements that are specifically designed to help us focus internally so that we can gain a deep understanding and connection to our core. We will wrap up this journey with some Breathing Awakening techniques (to which we will return in more depth at the 2nd Awakening Workshop) which will help us to get a first experience of some of the secrets secrets which are found in our breath!
The exercises will be on stools and mats.

A bottle of water and comfortable clothes which allow free movement.
You can also bring a sleep mask to cover your eyes during the breathing awakening exercises, and a small pillow for your head, if you think you might need it, while lying down.
Please make sure you come on an empty stomach (have your breakfast at least an hour before).

Price for 1st INTRODUCTORY workshop: 30€
As soon as we finish our 1st workshop you will be able to make your reservation for the following two workshops with 50% deposit. Those who will book their place for both the two following workshops will have 10€ discount.


Everyone (beginners or more experienced on breath or movement) can participate in each of the 3 workshops, in which specific, purposefully mastered music is used. They are structured in such a way that participation in previous ones is not a prerequisite and you may choose to attend 1 or 2 of them separately. However, each workshop is built upon the previous one and it is highly recommended to participate in all 3 workshops in order to have a deeper experience which will create the circumstances to strengthen the end result. The first 2 workshops are a great preparation and will create the appropriate environment for the 3rd one which will “make our flower bloom”!


2nd AWAKENING Workshop (Saturday 23/11/19 at 10:30-13:00): More movement and breathing exercises. We will have a deeper experience of both the Gyrokinesis and Breathing Awakening methods, and will begin to activate parts of our body and energy that will allow us to create a deeper contact with our source power!
Participation cost for the 2nd AWAKENING workshop: 35€

3rd INTEGRATION Workshop (Saturday 7/12/19 at 10:30-14:00): We will open the energy channels in our body using Gyrokinesis exercises. The Breathing Awakening techniques will help us to get deeper into a meditative state where we will connect to our source, raise our energy, and through target-guided visualization we will trigger our internal mechanisms related to our deep-seated memories which hold the life of our dreams!
Participation cost for the 3rd INTEGRATION workshop: 45€

Gerasimos is a trainer involved in teaching breathwork and kinesiology practices and techniques stemming from various traditions as well as newer methods such as the Gyrokinesis Method. He has been involved in Shamanism for many years, having received various initiations but also values his 5-year period of living a hermit’s life on a remote mountain top, tending bees and accessing the taste and potency of a truly natural life. He fervently believes in conscious living and is always on the look-out for new tools to integrate into his practice and to enhance his work through the teachings of Nature itself. His main goal is to share his knowledge with people in order to help them raise their vibration, enter into ecstatic states of being and attain self-healing.

Information about the Gyrokinesis method:

Information about the Breathing Awakening techniques:

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For reservations or details related to the workshops please call: 96596101 or 99540299

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