Initially Tango offers relief from everyday stress which comes from various factors of life. Even by listening to the music alone, we can see that each one of us can find our own way to travel to other, unique places.

For many, Tango is now considered either as a way of life or as a therapeutic escape for the spirit and the body. Moreover, it’s the opposite to the harshness of daily stress in life. So, there comes the dance and the need to express the music and the emotions through it.

Henceforth, we find the desire to learn this dance; a social dance with character, passion, feelings, respect for the opposite sex, etc.
As we start we discover every detail of it and at the same time, as we grow, we find out more about ourselves. The benefits are so many more than they seem at the beginning.

By dancing tango we can achieve:

  • better understanding of the body,
  • correct posture and alignment,
  • mind-body-spirit balance,
  • expressions of emotions,
  • strengthening our sense of space and time,
  • rhythmic awareness with musicality,
  • flexibility and strengthening of the muscles responsible for our posture and balance,
  • respect for the dance and the partner,
  • socializing,
  • and last but not least… something missing from our lives nowadays, the arms of another person!
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