About Studio Pranayama

Prāṇāyāma is a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the prāṇa or breath” or “extension of the life force”. The word is composed from two Sanskrit words: prana meaning life force (noted particularly as the breath), and ayāma, to extend or draw out. It is a yogic discipline with origins in ancient India.

Studio Pranayama since 2010 is dedicated exactly to this; extending your life force. Our philosophy is to exercise and heal both the body and the spirit. Our entire program has been formed with an aim to combine our modern lifestyle with ancient principles promoting well being, remove daily stress and strains and stretch your body and mind. To achieve this, all instructors working with us are highly qualified professionals sharing the “Studio Pranayama” philosophy.

Studio Pranayama Downtown Club is located in the heart of the city, near Saripolou Square, and offers an alternative choice of working out your body. A wide variety of group and personal classes gives you the opportunity to adjust your workout schedule according to your needs and mood!

Our Vision

With continual growth and development – both as a business and as people – we aim to encourage excellence in our family of professionals. We will achieve this by providing a supportive environment that is relaxed, fun and creative. Each person is to feel valued and also to be committed to the studios ultimate goal of impacting the lives of our clients in a positive way – by promoting health and well-being as a lifestyle choice.

Studio Pranayama Downtown Club has two big spaces.

Paranayama Pilates

Pilates Studio

The one studio room is the ‘Pilates Studio’ that is specialised in the authentic Pilates Method as taught by Joseph Pilates himself. All Pilates equipment (such as reformer, cadillac, barrel etc) is used throughout the sessions. Group classes consist of maximum 5 people, while you can book your private or semi-private sessions.

Paranayama Pilates


In the other studio ‘Dance/Fitness’ room you can choose any combination you prefer among our Latin dance (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), Tango Argentino, Circuit Training or book your personal fitness class!

You can also rent our space for your workshops and seminars!

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